Paperclips for the new year

I have finally arrived at the line of adulthood and have taken the step over. I started a true 9 to 5 job. Technically mine is 8 to 5, but who’s watching the clock?

I have my own desk, stapler (no it is not red), and official business cards. I lack the oddball knick-knacks however, I’m sure those will come with time. A bobble-head here, a paper weight there… a few plants that I will eventually kill.

I can understand now why desk-jobs drain people, you sit there for hours with only your computer screen for a companion. I’ll change the display on my iMac (I’m very happy to be working for an Apple supporting newspaper) every day only so I can say my environment changes.

I have noticed two things so far:

1) Newspaper people are a strange breed.

2) The chemical smell after the press runs is killer.

There are constant deadlines, and I have learned pretty quickly (after several, several mistakes) to quadruple check myself. I have also learned that people are very cranky, and not as forgiving as one would hope.

Newspapers are going under all over the country, thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet. I find it to be pretty depressing really. More so now that I work for one. Yet the upside to living in a small town is that our newspaper is relied on more so than in bigger areas. Us hillbillies/rednecks like our newspapers.  I am one to enjoy the experience that comes from reading. Holding a book, or paper, or magazine in my hands, feeling the pages, smelling the ink and paper. I know it’s strange, and in turn it makes me a bit of a Kindle hater… I should have added that to my list of reasons I might be an old man. See here. I must not be alone in this, however, or we wouldn’t have as many subscribers as we do. So I can be a bit secure in my position for the time being.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is: It is 2012 now and the world is supposed to collapse around us any day, even though I definitely do not buy into this theory I can now say that I at least have a desk to hide under now.


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