Why i might be an 85-year-old man

Why I Might Be An 85-Year-Old Man

  • I find tweed is extremely smart
  • I would love to own a flat cap
  • I grumble at reckless teenagers on their reckless do-dads
  • Horn-rimmed glasses are on my list of near-future purchases
  • I have began to use the phrase, “Well when I was your age…”
  • I believe I have the beginning stages of arthritis in my hands
  • I enjoy Maple Nut ice cream
  • I find myself admiring the craftsmanship of canes
  • I see the value of suspenders
  • I think Ginger Snap cookies are amazing
  • I have a tendency to discuss the weather often
  • I want a matching set of pajamas with my initials monogrammed on them

I suppose I should be embarrassed about the above, but alas, I am not. I think 85-year old men hold all the secrets to life so if I’m one step closer to that then I’m a happy dame. Don’t read too deep into this readers… everything here is face value. And would you look at that face!


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