How many licks does it take?

I have one question for you people… Have you ever finished an entire tube of chapstick?


I find it hard to believe that anyone could answer yes. On average I end up having to buy three tubes of Burt’s Bees a month. Three! I do great for a week then suddenly it comes up missing. It continues to be a mystery where they all go to, I like to think it’s a dozen Napoleon Dynamite’s who are in desperate need of relief for their chapped lips. In reality, however, they are probably all melted in their tubes under the seat in my car, or have collected in the bottom of my washing machine.

Lip balm is one of those annoying purchases you make, you know the kind… it falls in among paper towels and dusting spray. Who wants to spend their money on those things? I actually find myself irritated when I turn to go down the cleaning aisles in the grocery store. This is for several reasons actually. Firstly, why are there over twenty different choices for garbage bags? Do I get the force flex or  the ones with the easy flaps? Black, white, or opaque brown? Scented or no? Secondly, it makes me a little sick to know I have to work an entire hour and a half to even earn enough money to purchase a 12-pack of paper towels. Thirdly, I know that having to buy that box of Cascade and the bottle of Pledge means I’m just one step farther away from being able to buy the pair of Toms I’ve been coveting for (rather sinfully) the past couple months. But back to the lip balm issue. On the off chance that I do somehow hold onto a tube for longer than two weeks I find that it collects dirt around the inside of the cap, which I find to be gross, and inevitably I end up throwing it away. Yes, I know I basically confessed to wasting the money that I just complained about having to spend. Whatever. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I somehow feel that “cleaning” my chapstick is a little over-the-top… but really, how does one prevent that lint from getting inside?

I’m creating a challenge for myself. Similar to those challenges where one goes green for a year, or trains for a 10k marathon, this will be tough. It will be difficult to stick to, it could even be impossible, but I’m giving it a shot anyway. I’m going to buy a tube of Burt’s and use it till I’m literally scraping the inside for what’s left. I will finish an entire tube of chapstick.

I know what you’re thinking, “Woah there, calm down, let’s not shoot for the moon first shall we?” But no, I reach to prove that the impossible can be possible. I will document and update on this challenge too, I’ll need all the support I can get. I even invite you all to join with me on this. With that said let me do my second poll for my blog, please participate!


7 thoughts on “How many licks does it take?

  1. I do not think I’ve every finished a tube of lip balm. Lipsticks and lip gloss, yes. Lip balm, no. (And to keep that nasty black stuff out, and my lip stuff together, I keep the Burts Bees, lip gloss, etc., in a little sandwich baggie in my purse or backpack.)

  2. I’m ashamed to admit if you you were to reach into any pocket of any jacket or sweater I own you will find a tube of Bonnie Bell Dr Pepper lip goo. This has been my addiction for so long. That is the only reason I can say I have finished tubes. embrace Burt and his Bees

  3. I can’t leave the house with out my chapstick ( I think i have an addiction to it, i HAVE to have it on me all the time), so I tend to have multiple tubes in every place. i run across the same issue of gunk getting under the lid but if you wipe the lid out or the top of the tube( where the lid goes) before you close it up every time it keeps it from getting as gross.
    if you can find them, they do have little holders that clip on to your keys or purse like the hand sanitizer ones. If you find one, that might help the disappearing act =)

  4. I can only say yes because I got fed up one day and bought like, 6 different tubes and instead of trying to bring it with me all the time, i put them in places I knew I would need them. For instance, I have one in my backpack, one in my server apron, one in my car, one in my purse, and one on my nightstand. For serious. Because I go there to use them instead of bringing them with me, they hardly get lost. Best decision I ever made.


  5. The ones who say they have finished their Chapstick are stretching the truth. But, still love them. I believe that there is a Chapstick goblin who is related to the sock goblin in your washing machine that makes you lose one sock from your pair. I wonder what the Chapstick goblin and the sock goblin do with all those tubes of Chapstick and mismatched socks.

    1. I had the same thought when I saw the latest results, this just can’t be true! How do they do it? Those goblins are probably plotting our demise, one sock at a time…

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