Small town epidemic?

I have noticed something odd in my small town these past couple weeks. It’s beginning to really cause me some worry, or maybe just an obsessive curiosity, either way I feel that I need to inform you of this potential epidemic that’s hitting the streets. Brace yourself.

There has been an excessive amount of old, white-haired ladies wearing bright red jackets. I’m not quite sure if it’s now a rule that when you reach the age of 75 that you must purchase a red zip-up, or if it’s a conspiracy here on the West Coast, either way with the cooler Fall weather it’s becoming a large-scale outbreak… and it’s freaking me out. It’s freaking me out people! They’re everywhere, trimming their hedges, raking leaves, walking their dogs, in the grocery store aisles, peering over the steering wheels of their old Buicks, I’ve even had them come through the coffee shop.

Why the color red? Why not blue, or gray? There is something about the white hair and red jacket combo that is just… startling. Are these women feeling as if they have gone unnoticed and are now attempting to boldly reinstate themselves in this world? Crazy Lady (my mother) believes that they wear red to bring some color to their faces, I’m not sold on this idea quite yet.

I have nothing against red jackets. As a matter of fact I would dearly love to own this one:

Β  (If you feel the need to get this for me, by all means please do!)

I swear to you now that you are aware you will see them too. Check behind the bushes I saw one hiding in some the other day…

You’ve been warned.Β 


7 thoughts on “Small town epidemic?

  1. I just had a vision of all your family members as they grow older … and it was one sassy bunch (and yes, all wearing bright colors)! πŸ˜€

  2. You crack me up! I must say although I am not sporting the white hair yet I do love to have a little pop of red in my wardrobe. It makes me feel alive and like I stand out. I think too often I blend in and my red says “here I am and I’m fabulous!” I find as I age the more bolder my color choices (maybe partially because the eye sight fades too). You’re just young Katelyn! Just wait one day when you have white hair, a red zip up, and your leopard print leggings you’ll see how great it feels! Until then….be loud (in color) and be proud!!

  3. Pretty funny…because I just hauled a big red fleece coat to the Goodwill. I thought it made me look old. Maybe a 70 something will find a bargain there πŸ™‚

  4. Isn’t there some sort of poem that says something about wearing red jackets and purple hats when you get old. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I’ll have to confer with my mother on this one…but that would freak me out too!

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