Mama said…

I have never called my mother ‘Mama’… I have called her “Mah” in a very obnoxious tone. Mostly she’s ‘Mom’ or ‘Lady’… I use ‘Lady’ a lot… “Come on, Lady” “Move it, Lady” “Ohhh Lady” “Crazy Lady” … you get the picture. My mom has come to accept this and now I don’t believe it even phases her, however it does phase other people. Let me set you all straight, I’m not disrespecting my mother, it’s just another one of my weird habits I have developed over the years.

Now that I’m off that rant let me move on with my post. My mom is one of my closest friends, I have yet to decide if this is a great reflection on my family’s dynamics, or a little sad for me. Either way it’s the truth. I think the relationship between a mother and a daughter is so unique that it cannot be easily described. Too many raging, or dying, hormones going around to make it simple to sum up with words. Unfortunately for my mom she has had three daughters, each of us vastly different from the other, further complicating the ability to describe her relationship with us. I’m sure many from the outside look in awe, interest, and sometimes horror when we’re all in the same vicinity together… our communicating ranges from raging laughter, quiet whispers, or loud bickering. Somehow my dad and brother have learned to tune us out, but others have a harder time… between Sister Fierce’s eye-rolling, my dry sarcasm, and Sister Silent’s cold stare somehow people don’t know how to exactly… come at us. Anyway, the one thing my sisters and I can fully and completely agree on is how my mom, the Crazy Lady, always seems to be right. It’s a point of pride for Crazy Lady, and she basks in it every time. So I’ve decided to challenge this weird and somewhat scary ability of hers.

Mama said…

  • Peanut M&M’s should always be a staple, and the only vice worth having.
  • Take one day at a time, and trust God for help.
  • Everyone struggles with something, you’re not the only one feeling alone.
  • Whomever you marry will be exactly what you need, but very different then what you expected.
  • Utilize your planner in school, write down everything (this one I added for Sister Silent, who is currently in the throes of high school).
  • Cats are awesome pets. (I argue with this one constantly.)
  • There’s something special about living in a small town.
  • Quality time is what will be remembered down the road, not the material items gained or received.
  • Your kitchen floor will never be truly clean unless you’ve gone down on your hands and knees with a rag and bucket.
  • If you don’t understand, ask God.
  • If you need help, ask God.
  • Have you prayed about it? (This is her most common response.) Anyone see a theme happening?
  • Sometimes one just wants to read something effortless like a James Patterson novel…
  • Left-handed people have it really hard.
There’s plenty more where that came from, Crazy Lady is a wealth of endless knowledge… this is why Sister Fierce just called her about the pot roast she’s making for dinner, and why I asked her what cleaner to use on my wood cabinets. This poor woman never gets a break between one adult child bringing over his laundry, or another wanting someone to go for a walk with. Oh how I love my mom.
Of course I could not write this post without sending you a link to this: Click here!

3 thoughts on “Mama said…

  1. Something tells me your mom, although alone time is lovely, would not really and truly want you guys to stop coming to her, stop talking to her, stop taking walks with her. Sometimes Shoes and I say, “YOUR mom” to each other in jest, but what makes it funnier is we actually adore each other’s mom. And the same can be said for your incredible mom. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t LOVE her.

    1. I can’t think of a single person that hasn’t fallen in love with her either! Is it strange that every time I think of you I want to just give you a giant hug? … perhaps this is a good sign that I need to see you soon!

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