Remember me fondly

Today was the day that my Grandpa went to Heaven. I find it only fitting that because he inspired me to start this blog that I should acknowledge him on this day with a post. So here’s that post.

Things I remember about my Grandpa:

  •  The smell of his aftershave and hairspray in the morning.
  • His big ears.
  • He always ate Cheerios or Shredded Wheat for breakfast, with a small glass of orange juice. (Or sometimes the burnt toast my Grandma would make.)
  • He’d pass gas and blame it on the dogs.
  • He would jangle his change and keys in the pocket of his pants while he was talking to someone.
  • He wore itchy tweed jackets to church.
  • He loved flowers.
  • He had the most organized tool bench ever.
  • He loved to go to yard sales, and acquired the largest collection of random, unnecessary items I’ve ever seen.
  • We used to watch COPS together.
  • He loved peanut butter cookies.
  • He whistled constantly… particularly hymns.
  • He always had sugar cubes in the glove compartment of his car. (He was a diabetic.)
  • He would get us popsicles even after my Grandma had said no.
  • He carried around a small black comb.
  • He liked to watch us open gifts on Christmas or birthdays.
  • He would relentlessly tease.
  • He always had the original Chapstick nearby.
  I also remember wanting to always be near him, no matter where we were. I remember the way he’d halfway throw back his head while laughing when he really found me amusing. I remember him sitting at the dining room table during holiday dinners and listening to his daughters and grandchildren talk away with the most content expression on his face and a warm cup of coffee always in his hand. I remember that little jump of excitement when I saw him pull up to my house for a visit, and how birthdays never truly started until he was present. I remember the way he’d point out animal tracks, or certain plants when we’d be in the woods, and how patient he was when we’d show him new toys or tell him the latest story from school. I remember how his face was one I’d deliberately search for out in the audience when performing school recitals and plays. I remember his warmth.

I miss him still, and probably always will. Life just hasn’t been the same without him in it, but I am so extremely grateful that God gave me the time with him that I had.

I love you Grandpa and am thinking of you always!


One thought on “Remember me fondly

  1. I so love how close your family is, Katelyn. And I love the unique relationship you have with your grandfather, his memory, and your experiences together. And can I just say what a charming picture of him that is?

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