How not to be dumb

How Not to be Dumb

A Quick Guide to Saving Yourself From Public Embarrassment

  1. Learn the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”. And why you are at it look up “your” and “you’re” too.
  2. Do not watch shows like “Entertainment” or “Access Hollywood” then proceed to think you are caught up on current events.
  3. Use a dictionary. Please. And common sense. Despite what your teacher told you sounding out the word doesn’t always work…
  4. Know who the President is… of the United States… of America… the country you live in… the land you stand on… *sigh*
  5. Stop using ‘text lingo’ in conversations – I hear you laughing, you do not need to say ‘l-o-l’.
  6. Stop listening to Justin Bieber songs. And Lady Gaga.”When I met you girl my heart went knock knock/ Now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop…” If you know what song those lyrics are to.. go hit your head against a wall right now.
  7. “I seen them…” or “I seen that…” Does not make sense, you are grammatically incorrect! Grammar… you know… the whole system of the language you do not speak well! Or I’m sorry… don’t speak good.
  8. Do not put wheels on your truck that lift it up so high you have to get a running start in order to leap inside. (P.S. Big wheels do not impress the ladies, only the men… just so you know what crowd you’re getting attention from…)
  9. Here’s a hard one to grasp for most: Think before you speak. Or post for that matter…
  10. Put down the “People” magazine, and pick up a newspaper.
  11. Stop talking about your favorite reality TV stars as if they were your best friends. I don’t care what color Snookie last painted her fingernails, or which “Real Housewife of Orange County” is getting a divorce.
  12. You should probably stop collecting Beanie Babies now… that fad has long been over with. It died, along with Trolls and Pogs… yes you should get rid of those too.
  13.   Don’t get dumb tattoos… and if you do at least make sure they have the correct spelling.
  14. Quit smoking.
  15.  <<< YES!
I’m sure I could add so much more to this list… and perhaps you can too… I may revisit this particular post again in the future.

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