I just happened to glance at the recent bottle of kid’s shampoo Sister Fierce bought The Neph in the shower this morning, while asking myself why at 23 years old I’m tripping over rubber ducks in my bathtub, and why those rubber ducks have hockey jerseys on, kids toys make no sense sometimes. Anyway… this bottle boasts a big ‘3-in-1’ on the outside, The Neph’s shampoo is apparently also a conditioner and body wash, wrapped up in one bottle of raspberry scented fun. (Why Sister Fierce chose raspberry for a little boy is beyond me, not sure what would be more manly… papaya maybe?).

Why do ‘3-in-1’ products stop after we pass the five-year old stage? I feel there is a big oversight here.

So I was thinking of what exactly could be created using this ‘3-in-1’ brilliance and I began to google, of course, because that is what I do. And I realized why it has flopped once you’re pass the age of five years…



Forkchops anyone?








3-in-1 cooker: Cooks macaroni, steams your vegetables, and boils water all at the same time. Every kitchen needs one complete with the man in the costume…








It shines, brushes, and gives a massage… yeah…






Clearly we have tried and missed the mark. So personally I’ll stick to my shampoo and conditioner being in separate bottles. Though some day I may need that brush who knows.


This is how I spend my days off from work by the way, don’t judge.


5 thoughts on “3-in-1

  1. They had no other choices than the raspberry one. Plus this way I don’t have to have three different bottles in there for him.

  2. Sister Fierce bathes her kid? She is definitely a better mom than me. (: How are you writer girl by the way? We haven’t chatted in forever. Keep me posted!

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