UP and away…

Yes I am referring to the incredible Disney/Pixar movie ‘UP’ in this post. I would hope that almost all of you have seen this film. If not, then there is no hope for you friend… and I am utterly disgusted. Kidding. Only a little…

The balloons, that is what I want to focus on. The amazing, colorful balloons. The old man in the movie, Carl, after much heartbreak and time wasted, decided to fulfill a dream and go out searching for a place his wife had always wanted to see. He ties thousands of helium-filled balloons together using his fireplace as their outlet, and by releasing them his house is wrenched from its foundation (which had become the only residential lot standing in the neighborhood) and takes off in flight. It’s the most unconventional way of travel, seemingly impossible, yet when it takes place it’s awe-inspiring. Here, please watch this: The Take-Off Scene. 

I have tried to take great care in phrasing the above in order to get your mind spinning with analogies. Stick with me now.

Life is never what you think it will be, correct? So why do we attempt to stay rooted in the same place? I’m not meaning physically, although for some that may be true, I am meaning mentally, emotionally, spiritually… etc. We “root” ourselves in comfortable patterns, ways of thinking, ways of dealing, ways of avoiding, as life passes by constantly evolving, and changing. What struck me most about Carl’s feat, was the release that took place when he broke free from the house’s foundation. I can practically feel God’s nudge here. His “take-off” with the balloons was unconventional, yes, but Carl had been familiar with balloons his whole life, as his job he sold them, and created animals out of them. He knew how to work with them, he took something that seemed like nothing, and used it to launch him off. So perhaps we shouldn’t discount, or devalue what we find is ordinary in our life, or what has become ‘comfortable’ over the years? Perhaps that very thing you find isn’t  very extraordinary or special in comparison to what others have, could be the very thing God decides to use to lift you up.

I’m not meaning to get all Josh Groban here…. but stick with me a little longer.

God isn’t practical, or conventional. He can be, don’t get me wrong. But come on, He’s by no means boring. I’m a planner, I have posted about that nasty habit before. Yet all I can ask myself lately is why I would want to limit myself to the plans I make. Why would I choose to follow a route I have made on my own when I could simply release that and follow one that has been created, specifically for me, by a God who loves me? Carl had confined himself to the little lot his house sat on, he was too fearful to leave behind all he had known, and not to mention all the memories he had with his wife there. He had a routine set in place that was easy to follow because he had created it. But it was boring, and uneventful. The minute he set off with his balloons his life was turned upside down, but in the end he discovered what he’d been missing. He walked away feeling fulfilled.

I want to be like Carl.

Who would have thought that living with The Neph would make me even more philosophical? All these hours I spend watching children’s movies may actually help me discover the answers I’m searching for… see Mom I’m not wasting my life on movies!


2 thoughts on “UP and away…

  1. I love that you try and use your neph as an excuse, but we all know that you would watch these children movies even if you did not live with him. I think we should try this method with our fireplace?

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