Writer’s block

I used to think that writer’s block was just an excuse for people who lacked creativity. Harsh I know, and I’m beginning to have that thought turn around and bite me in the rear. I have produced absolutely nothing when it comes to my writing (this blog being set aside), I’m actually kind of ashamed to admit that the journal I was keeping up so well has lacked horrifically  (yes it’s not really a word) of any entries in the last couple months. However I am not panicked, I just wish to break through whatever this “block” is… it can’t last forever, right??

I have learned as well that I should never go back and read what I have written. What I thought was really fantastic work at the time now seems to me to be full of dreaded clichés and has an elementary tone. My worst fears! I need to not have a writer’s block now, and instead begin to actually create something substantial. There is my current dilemma folks.

How do I break the block? Write endlessly till something really starts to take off somewhere? Switch to children’s stories? Drink an incredible amount of coffee to get a buzz induced state where maybe, just maybe, my brain will start producing ideas again? Maybe if I just bang my head several times against a wall, or run into the sliding door like the Neph?

Thoughts, ideas? There must be a cure somewhere.



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