That bridge… WAY over there…

I’m a planner. But not in a “I’m Type-A and need every detail figured out” way, more in a “I need something to work towards in the very near future” way. I have just discovered how much this is necessary for me.

I have been in school for the entirety of my life up until now because… well because that’s what the US of A tells you to do. Get an education, gain a degree or two, then set out in the economy that is crumbling around us, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find some kind of a job that pertains to those degrees you hold in your back pocket, or that are proudly framed on your bedroom wall (as mine is soon to be).

Psh… I actually loved being in school. I love to learn. It was not glamorous, nor easy, but it had its moments. Even though I now hold a BA in English (I was emailed not too long ago to officially tell me my degree would be coming in the mail… let out a sigh of relief here) I would still consider going back to school to do more, learn more, stretch myself just a little farther. However, I’m loving this extra time to read books of my choosing and not that of professors.

But to get to the point…

What I have come to feel with being out of school for the first time since I walked into my kindergarten class, of which I still remember the smell (glue and sweaty little boys), is a feeling akin to being lost. I am now having to set new goals for myself, trying to find the next thing to strive for. Those goals are being rather difficult to pin down at the moment, but one that I know of for sure is to do something new and different.

“But that’s a bridge I’ll cross…. well I’m not sure when, but not for a while.” This was part of a recent conversation my older sister, we shall deem her “Sister Fierce”, our friend “Lee”, and I were having a couple of days ago at lunch. This bridge she is talking about is somewhere in my future as well. It seems like it will be a fabulous bridge to cross… whenever the time comes to do so. I have not the slightest clue what it will look like, but I picture it like this:

 This was taken on a recent hike which Sister Fierce and The Neph went on with me. If only crossing bridges of life were as easy as crossing that one, right? We stood on that bridge for quite a while, watching the creek (more like raging river) rush underneath us. There is never a more cliché time to dwell on life then when you’re surrounded by nature, correct? So I thought about it, the direction I’m heading in. Serving mochas and lattes right now is fine and dandy, catching up on my endless “Summer” reading list is nice, and having the extra time during the day to actually create a workout routine is a plus, but… I want to be heading somewhere like all that water. Somewhere fantastic, somewhere challenging, and somewhere fun. Hopefully I’ll find the beginning of that bridge soon… at least a glimpse of it up yonder, yeah? What about just a plank?

Because I love random stuff I have to give you the link to the following page – please take a glance! Click here!


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