Who are you?

My three-year-old nephew has developed this habit of asking strangers, rather bluntly, who they are. He phrases the question like so, “Who ARE you?” This is often followed by a finger-point or scowl, and then an awkward silence until you answer him. There’s nothing better than a small child addressing real-life issues, summing something up in one short question that many of us “adults” avoid thinking about.

Who ARE you?

When he directs this at me, which he often does to just be silly, I answer most commonly by giving my name, although I sometimes throw in “I’m awesome” or “I’m annoyed.” Is it that easy to define ourselves by a name? If this is true then that means our parents, or in my case my mother, defined my being while I was still in her womb. I came out, and was labeled, like a Campbell’s soup can. “Pure” and “innocent” should be under my ingredients list, along with a reference to some Christian martyr by the name of Katherine. Supposedly those with my name often have a strong spiritual involvement and are caught philosophizing a lot (go figure). Regardless of what the name says of me, I don’t think it can be used to truly answer that question. No, its unfortunately much more complicated than that, isn’t it?

I’m a walking contradiction. That’s what I would like to explain to “the neph” (you’ll soon learn that I refer to him as this often), but alas he does not hold much of an attention span which allows for me to fully explain myself. Who AM I? This person writing this blog. Many of you may lose interest at this point, but my hope in explaining who I ‘think’ I am, is that you will in turn look at yourself, and discover who you are along the way (or what you hope you are not.)

  • I am loud, sometimes on purpose, mostly unintentionally.
  • I thrive off awkward moments, therefore I tend to be awkward often.
  • I love deep, philosophical conversations, and yet it never fails I’m always the one cracking a joke and turning the serious moment into a mini-comedy skit. (Killed two with one here… in case you didn’t catch it… I’m funny.)
  • I can be witty.
  • I am a fairly social person, I do well in large crowds but tend to avoid them if at all possible.
  • I enjoy learning. More specifically I enjoy learning about people, and events.
  • I’m a pusher. If I want something for myself, or for others, I will push, and push, and push to make it happen (and it usually does).
  • I love to make people laugh.
  • I crave adventures, but am not much of a risk-taker.
  • I am a total nerd, but in the “I read classic literature and watch foreign/sub-titled films… for fun” way. (AKA – an English snob.)
  • I am very open-minded, but very grounded in what I believe.
  • I tend to lean towards being in a cheerful mood a majority of the time. You can catch me in an irritable mood, however, if the weather is too hot, I’m tired, or I just finished having a conversation where I had to repeat myself several times.
There is me in a nutshell. I could continue but the world does not need to know how complicated my poor soul is… yet. Besides where is the fun in revealing all of myself in only my second posting?
So here is some food for thought: How would you define yourself? Are you a walking contradiction like me? Or are you straight-and-narrow? What’s on your soup label and ingredients list? What makes you different from Joe on your left, and Sally on your right?
We won’t even touch on the other question that is a follow-up by The Neph, “What ARE you DOING?” That one I have yet to figure out.
If you really want a treat and something to stick in your head for the rest of the day, click this:  Who Are You?

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